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RT-615K Plus

The Azenis RT615K+ is a further evolution of Falken Tire's championship-winning Extreme Performance Summer tire, the Azenis RT615K. Developed for drivers of muscle cars, sports cars, street rods and performance sedans who want ultimate grip in warm, dry and wet conditions. Highest dry grip among maximum performance tires. Asymmetric tread design and steel sidewall inserts provide an uncompromised level of durability under track use. With a treadwear rating of 200, it has become a popular tire for autocross and track use in the street tire classes.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
195/60HR14 (195X590) Rim Sizes 14x5 to 14x7.5 $170 Each
205/50WR15 (205X586) Rim Sizes 15x5.5 to 15x8.5 $188 Each
215/45WR16 (215X600) Rim Sizes 16x6 to 16x8.5 $224 Each
225/50WR16 (225X631) Rim Sizes 16x7 to 16x9 $196 Each
215/40WR17 (215X604) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x8.5 $233 Each
215/45WR17 (215X625) Rim Sizes 17x6 to 17x8.5 $201 Each
225/45WR17 (225X634) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x9 $209 Each
245/45WR17 (245X652) Rim Sizes 17x7.5 to 17x10 $237 Each
255/40WR17 (255X636) Rim Sizes 17x8 to 17x10 $237 Each
275/40WR17 (275X652) Rim Sizes 17x9 to 17x11 $321 Each
225/40WR18 (225X637) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x9 $233 Each
235/40WR18 (235X645) Rim Sizes 18x7.5 to 18x9 $251 Each
245/40WR18 (245X653) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x9.5 $287 Each
255/40WR18 (255X661) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x10 $349 Each
265/35WR18 (265X643) Rim Sizes 18x8.5 to 18x10 $324 Each
275/35WR18 (275X650) Rim Sizes 18x9 to 18x11 $411 Each
295/40WR18 (295X693) Rim Sizes 18x9 to 18x11.5 $506 Each
315/30WR18 (315X646) Rim Sizes 18x10.5 to 18x12 $443 Each
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