Vehicle Information

XXR 559 Slingshot Bronze Extra wide wheel width and precise offset pairing allow for massive tire stretch fitment. Super light weight multi spoke design with major X-Factor property to clear large break calipers on all cars including EVO and STI.

XXR Wheels 559 Slingshot Bronze

Size: Bolt Pattern: Offset: Finish Color: Fitment: Price:
18X8.5 5x4.5 20 Bronze $218 Each
18X8.5 5x4.5 35 Bronze $218 Each
18X10 5x4.5 20 Bronze $225 Each
18X10 5x4.5 35 Bronze $225 Each
19X8.5 5x4.5 20 Bronze $237 Each
19X8.5 5x4.5 40 Bronze $237 Each
19X8.5 5x120 40 Bronze $237 Each
19X10 5x4.5 20 Bronze $243 Each
19X10 5x120 40 Bronze $243 Each
19X10 5x4.5 40 Bronze $243 Each